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Quarantine Procedures

At Bristol Koi Farm we proactively quarantine all our koi.  Each breeder we select koi from is independently quarantined with their own equipment and supplies to prevent cross contamination. 

Koi are all acclimated to their new tanks and our covered to reduce stress from arrival for the first few nights and treated with salt and elbagin.  Koi  are quarantined for a minimum of a month and sometimes longer if needed.  Koi are also put through a heat cycle while in quarantine.  Koi are feed after one week of arrival to start building strength. At the end of third week, we add a koi from our main pond to mix with new arrivals to see if any signs of disease are apparent on the koi.  Scrapes are conducted periodically and viewed in microscope for any signs of parasites. If parasites are noticed proper medication is administered. 

Koi are also not feed for a week prior to shipment, once koi is purchased. Customers should not feed their koi upon arrival for at least one week.  Start feeding koi lightly after the week.

Please have an quarantine tank setup with proper filters and aeration.  We recommend that koi keepers  add salt 3lbs per 100 gal for koi arrival and quarantine your koi for 3-4 weeks before introducing your koi to your pond.  Water changes should be conducted weekly and water should be tested daily for parameter checks of zero ammonia and nitrates. Remember never mix the water the koi came in with your pond water. After the koi has floated and water temp has been acclimated for at least 30 minutes, release your koi by hand and discard the bag and water the koi arrived with. 

We are always available for questions and concerns with your koi and love to help. Please call us if you have any questions.